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URBATIS participates to the global discussion on the implementation of SDGs in Cities post-COVID

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URBATIS contributed to discussions between global cities around the release of ESI Thought Lab’s insightful Report on Smart Cities post-COVID.

‘Capturing citizen feedback’ and ‘developing private sector partnerships’ come out as two key trends to accelerate the launch of smart projects. With data analytics as the enabler.


We moderated an insightful session on SDGs which showed how the SDG framework is now a central feature for more and more cities around the world:

The Covid pandemic highlighted the value of smart city projects to create positive impact on people’s lives. SDGs are a chance to accelerate their deployment.


What comes next for SDGs in cities?

As we near 2030, cities are considering developing quantitative / qualitative models to measure their progress and the “still to do to”. Models need not to be complex. They need to interpret the data, put it in context, and present scenarios for City Managers to take informed decisions. The so called “City sprinters” are already doing it.

For more details on the report:

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