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The heart of urbatis

Discover the team.

Camille Loiseau

Sustainability & Due diligence

Camille advises as Junior Consultant in Impact Management at URBATIS. She specialises in sustainability, due diligence and impact measurement. Her specific skills encompass social economy financing, developing cross sector solutions and governance focusing on rethinking business in society (Sciences Po & UC Berkeley).

Manuel Ceva

Model & Artificial Intelligence

Manuel is a co-founder of Urbatis.

With over 15 years entrepreneurship experience, Manuel is in charge of building and developing the Urbatis AI platform. Manuel has a dual corporate finance and R&D experience on complex decision systems.

Elisa Balangué

Research & Analysis

Elisa advises as Junior Consultant in Impact Management. She specialised in sustainable finance, impact research and sustainability data analysis (Audencia). Through her work for consultancies and investment funds, she has specific knowledge of impact evaluation methodologies and of measuring ESG issues.

Hervé Solignac

CEO & Finance

Herve is a co-founder of Urbatis.

Hervé is a sustainable Finance Expert with over 20 years’ experience in both Public & Private Sector Banking within the financial institutions. Hervé brings his experience in financial analysis to bridge the gaps between financial modeling and sustainability frameworks.

Cyrus Farhangi

Impact Evaluation

Cyrus is a Senior Consultant contributing to impact evaluation. With more than 15 years of experience, Cyrus is an expert in the field of public policy evaluation through “social return on public investment” and cost-benefit analysis.

Catherine Puiseux-Kakpo

CSR & Training

Catherine is a training manager and CSR expert. She previously developed the CSR strategy of the TF1 media group over 15 years. She works for the development of a positive economy for the planet and society, notably in the West African context.

Fallou Niakh

R&D & Modeling

Fallou is in charge of Financial Modeling & Artificial Intelligence. Specialised in statistics, finance and actuarial science, Fallou has developed financial and economic model for the valorisation of solutions IoT. Fallou also worked in the field of epidemiological modeling with CIRAD.

Mathis Boston

IT Development

Mathis is in charge of IT development. With an engineering background, Mathis has developed skills in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and web/software programming (UTC).

Marco Jardri


Marco contributes to quantitative model design. He participated in the creation of the Intelligent Workplace Model (IWM), which aims to support companies reaching decisions on their corporate real estate configuration. He has contributed to research work for Urbatis through the City Faber Lab at CentraleSupélec (Université Paris-Saclay).

Our Senior Advisors

Advisory Board.

Sandra Bernard-Colinet

Impact Finance                     

Sandra is a recognised impact investment expert. As a member of the SFAF working group, Sandra provides expertise on impact measurement in the financial world. She is the author of the reports “Doter la France d’une culture commune de l’investissement à impact” and “Investir pour transformer durablement” submitted to the Ministry of Finance at the end of 2020.

Isabelle Jenny

Compliance & Risks

Isabelle Jenny has a dual expertise in risk management and compliance and business development. Until July 2021, she was in charge of Risk and Compliance for the Aéroports de Paris Group (ADP). In this capacity, she deployed project management policies with a strong impact on the group’s organisations, crisis management processes and business continuity plans.

Franck Kosakevitch

Business Development

Franck has worked as Senior advisor in the bank insurance and energy sectors. As Privatisation Advisor for Compagnie Financière de Suez, he was instrumental in facilitating corporate situations (public offerings, take-overs, etc.). He previously led Business Intelligence teams for the European headquarters of US-based groups.