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Jointly with partner Insight-Signals, we delivered a real-time Cost Benefit Analysis tool to assess the full return of a series of smart IoT solutions. These solutions relate to public health, safety at work and traffic management.

The model was designed to strengthen NTT’s value proposition, assessing the benefits to stem from NTT’s IoT smart solutions in a variety of contexts e.g., at airports, within offices or at manufacturing plants.

It provided supporting evidence for clients of NTT to build holistic business cases and make the right choices of IoT solutions. This work also aimed at reinforcing NTT Smart World’s corporate sustainability commitments and at creating market differentiation.

Our Work

The project consisted in performing an SROI financial model to support NTT’s consultative selling towards public and private sector prospects.

A risk/reward module was added to help NTT and its clients engage into a dialogue on sharing revenues & opportunity costs arising from the solutions.

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