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“Sharing Cities” EC Program


In partnership with consultancy UrbanDNA, we responded to a request from “Sharing Cities” a European smart cities project, to develop a socio-economic decision framework for smart lighting solutions.

The work was done for Greater London Authority, part of Sharing Cities, and consisted in developing a toolkit to help City officers pre-qualify projects against smart city indicators.

Our Work

We developed a framework to quantify the projects’ full value – financial & societal – for a selection of use cases (e.g., photovoltaic, e-charging points, parking sensors, etc.). An algorithm was built to map projects against business models and financing options e.g., green finance, supplier-based finance, PPPs, etc.

The Solution was developed on a Web platform to offer an interactive user experience, to ease interactions between City Managers (e.g., Digital, Environment, Lighting, etc.) and facilitate the reaching of a consensus on project design.

The tool includes pre-inputted city data, and remains modular by design, allowing scenarios to be run on any new smart lighting application. It generates outputs in the form of dashboards and diagrams for use in project justification, notably in discussions with Finance Managers.

Our Expertise


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