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Backbone (Luxembourg) SA


Backbone (Luxemburg) SA provides advisory services for investments in SMEs located in Africa, Latin America, and South East Asia. Backbone arranges financing for SMEs and cooperatives which provide essential services to local communities, focusing on 4 sectors: agri-business; education; medical care and community services.

Backbone enters into partnership agreements with local financial partners to originate and co-finance SMEs which meet its own qualifying criteria. Agreements will include operational processes (credit monitoring, funds flow vehicle set up, etc.)

Our Work

We advised Backbone (Luxembourg) SA, in relation to its investor strategy, scalability and impact metrics framework to demonstrate its contribution to local community development and to the protection of human dignity as per Backbone’s commitment, notably to the PRIs.

The approach is embedded in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Investment targets must comply with sustainable economic growth (SDG 8) affording decent working conditions, the creation or maintenance of sustainable job and individual access to financial services.

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